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Randall's Massage ~ Body Holistic Wellness LLC is a  independently operated Massage & Bodywork small business-that has been serving the Phoenix, Tempe & Scottsdale community for 10 years. 

After leaving Arizona School Of Massage, Randall, first started as a mobile massage business (A Detail Touch Massage), from July 2009 to December 2014. After working at St Luke's Hospital, he decided it was time to find a office and start his work in massage therapy.


 A little bit about Randall, he was born in Hartford Connecticut 1968 and later moved to Arizona in 1981 with his sister Shelly at the age of 12 after the passing of his parents.  They lived on the Westside of Phoenix were he attended Frank Borman Jr. High to later going to Maryvale High School.  After graduating high school Randall went into the (Navy) an served a total of 9 years.  After his service, he had a handful of jobs in search for his true purpose.  

Life can be is forever changing!  

Randall attended the Arizona School Of Massage May 2008  were he graduated for 3.14 grade point average.  After working in massage for 5 years, Randall was searching for something more -so he attend the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and later found his Life Force his soul at Yoga Phoenix  located in downtown Phoenix. Where he became a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

The vision of Randall's Massage~Body Holistic Wellness is to support the well-being of  the community as a whole. By providing or showing that holistic health care can be a better way to help relieve stress relief, reduce pain and increase relaxation.  

However,  at RMBHW, I like to be bit personable, by having a good  laugh and enjoy building bonds with our clients. To be fair a smile goes along way so if your going to be angry or have a ego -change is always a good thing-at Randall's  Massage And Body Massage is not the only we provide. Like yoga if about the mind, body and soul. You can't have full transformation is all 3 don't come together.

So if your looking for transformation Randall's Massage ~ Body Holistic Wellness , would love to be that place for you and your goals. 

 Business Location

We are located inside Mane Event and Fantasia Salon  4280 N. Drinkwater Blvd # 300 Scottsdale az 85251

 This is a Hair Salon were there is a much older cliental so please show compassion and understanding! 

Randall-602-339-9938 or go online to schedule your appointment www.randallsmbody.abmp.com under Hours and Scheduling for faster service!







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