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 Randall's Massage ~ Body Holistic Wellness is a minority owned, independently operated Massage & Bodywork business-that has been serving the Phoenix, Tempe & Scottsdale community for 6 years. After leaving Arizona School Of Massage,Randall, first started as a mobile massage business(A Detail Touch Massage), from July 2009 to December 2014.


 A little bit about Randall, he was born in Hartford Connecticut 1968 and later moved to Arizona in 1981 with his sister Shelly. They lived on the Westside of town were he attended Maryvale High School from May 1984 to May 1987. After graduating high school Randall joined the (Navy) for 4 years and later joined the Naval Reserves August 1992.  After his service, he had a handful of jobs and people his long journey to finding his true purpose.  

Life is forever changing!  

Randall decided to attend the Arizona School Of Massage May 2008, after first trying to attend Rainstar University a private massage school located in north Scottsdale. Randall has come a long way and as a  Massage Therapist, he has learned that he really loves what he does.  



Sylvia Coogler : Licensed Massage Therapist (March 2016) Modalities: Swedish/Deep Tissue, Sports/Injury, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy.


Hello there! I am Randall’s newest employee and my name is Sylvia Coogler.

Since I was a little girl growing up in small town Montana, I’ve always known my love for massage would eventually turn into a career. With a lot of hard work and dedication over the past few years I have achieved this goal! Some of the massage modalities I enjoy performing are Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

I graduated from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in March of 2016. I was on the honor roll all of my year long. I first met Randall  in school and he quickly became my mentor. I enjoyed my schooling and loved my teachers even more. I have always appreciated the sense of community that the massage world has to offer and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

In my free time, I enjoy hiking in the areas surrounding Phoenix as well as preparing to be a first time mother. I’m expecting my first child later this year.

I look forward to working with Randall and also working with YOU!

Please call, text or email in advance if needing a female massage therapist- Randall normally just books the appointments regardless of preference. So make sure! Sylvia Coopler massage days are Sunday 12-4 and Monday's 3-7pm.   

Desert Skin Alchemy (Christine Aiello)


My name is Christine Aiello and I'm the newest and first Esthetician to join the team. Growing up in Arizona and struggling with not only adolescent acne but dehydrated skin as well lead me down a path that couldn't be ignored. I knew coming out of high school that my journey in skincare would begin. I graduated Carsten Institute in 2001 and started diving deep into healing my own skin to find many other doors opening up. With advanced training in Chemical Peels and Medical Grade Oxygen facials I've helped treat everything from hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, Acne and aged, wrinkled skin. Making a change in the skin is my passion! Helping you achieve the skin you want by enhancing your own beauty is the goal. 

After dedicating my life to raising my beautiful baby girl for the last 17 months, it's time to get back to what I know best..SKIN! I'm excited to meet you and transform your skin.

Christine is a new add on to Randall's Massage ~ Body Holistic Wellness, who would be providing skincare treatments-she has her own business and will be working with us to support the wellness of the Arizona community.`

The vision of Randall's Massage~Body Holistic Wellness is to support the well-being of  the community as a whole. By providing and showing that holistic health care can be a better way to help with stress relief, reduce pain and increase relaxation.  

This being said, we are not corporate driving massage business, we like our clients to share the same values and respect that they to can be apart of something more.   

Randall's Massage ~ Body  and conjusting with Desert Skin Alchemy we want you to enjoy your massage and skincare by  taking something with you-a journey to a new beginning of self awareness and something that no other massage and skincare business has -a willingness to create change, by allowing yourself to be you with no judgments. 

However, we at RMBHW, we can be personable and believe in building a bond with our clients-to keep them returning. Like a family! Not everyone may like us  but its ok -we our not for everyone. If you do not return, there are no hard feelings -there are many massage businesses to go too.

So if your looking for transformation Randall's Massage ~ Body Holistic Wellness , would love to be that place for you and your goals. If not I'll be happy  to refer you  to someone else.



 Location of Business

5150 N. 16th Street

suite B 250 ( Chiropractic Life) Office

Phoenix, Az 85016  

Randall-602-339-9938 or go online to schedule your appointment www.randallsmbody.abmp.com for faster service.

Sylvia Coogler : Hours are Sunday 12-4pm & Monday 3-7pm.

Also, Accepting Banner Health Insurance(Choice Plus) Taking Insurance for members and their families under the same insurance.







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