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( Spark of Life) Yoga Therapy

 Spark of Life,  Yoga Therapy-  This is something new and believe it could be amazing service to help people overcome daily issues (Anxiety, anger, to say the least).  We all have challenges in life and lessons to learn which can . 

Aquarian Age: Is ruled by awareness, information and energy! There are no secrets! Information is available. Real value will come from truth embodied in the practical actions and internal caliber. In this age the motto is "be to be". We Learn to grow and become something more, by accepting wholeness and connectedness to a larger creative existence.

What is Kundalini Yoga you might ask? Its away to looking in the mirror and see your higher self. That experience of self awareness.   We say Sat(Truth) Nam(identity). We all sometimes think who are we-Kundalini helps us with this identity by giving us our truth.  When the Kundalini rises we become awake to see who we are and how far we can become.something more.

This style of yoga is a spiritual practice- I'll be teaching many different Pranayama's( Breath) Meditations  Kriya's( Action) exercises,  meditations and Mantra's. 

Also If clients our interested-we can do a Numerology (birth date) chart to show you, about the 10 energy bodies ( Soul Body, Negative Mind, Positive Mind, Neutral Mind, Physical Body,Arc Line, The Aura, Pranic Body, Subtle Body, Radiant Body and the eleventh Embodiment.

What is Numerology helps to focus on strengths, Gifts, and Challenges its good to have helper to provoke, lift and support indiv to bring you into harmony. 





The reason for learning how to breath is to 

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