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Gift Certificates

[Sell gift certificates online by setting up an account at www.thegiftcardcafe.com, which allows you to add a shopping cart link or button to your site. ABMP members receive 50 percent off advertising solutions and setup fees. Learn more at www.thegiftcardcafe.com.

Alternately, let clients know that gift certificates are available for purchase in person.

When purchasing gift certificates please make sure you have made your choice. There are no refunds all sales are final.

Please read additional information below

Gift Certificate

$10 Off Your Next Appointment when you refer friend or family member

$2/1 Hour Massages For $70.00

3/60 Minutes Massages For $105.00 Starts 

3/80 Minute Massages For $135

All Massages are only for the Swedish and Deep Tissue style massage-can be used for other treatments.  

PLEASE GO TO THE GIFT CERTIFICATE PAGE OF MY WEBSITE to purchase. You can book your Appointments online and pay later in the office.

When purchasing Gift Card /Certificate be aware there are no refunds.  All sales are finale!   Also please do not loose gift card or you'll be charge full price of the massages.

Also, if you are buying the packages they are for one person at a time. Since I'm the only massage therapist, I can't provide massages for more then 1 person at a time..

Gift Card/Value Card

If you purchase the Gift Card in the office, you can use the card towards any massage just as long as it part of the package you original have. If its a hour session its for a hour. However, if its for a 90 minutes or higher, you can only use the hour and pay the difference of the session. The card can only be used once per massage session. You can purchase online as well-bring in the print out. If you purchase the card from the office you are required to bring it in, if you don't have it  its full price ($40) if the card is at zero balance you can either recharge it or wait. However, If you don't wish to recharge the card and you haven't paid its you'll pay 40 for the 50 min. massage. If the card is lost, the value of the gift card depends on what you originally paid for it. Example if you paid $105 you owe $105 for  a new card. Its one gift card person. More one card will not be sold unless its for a gift.


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