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Corporate Onsite Chair Massage

On-site corporate chair massage can be provided on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly basis at your company.  This service can be corporate sponsored and paid by the employer as a complimentary morale booster, employee appreciation event or it may be paid directly by the employees to Randall's Massage~ Body Holistic Wellness LLC upon services rendered.  

Our daily lives are filled with endless responsibilities and things to do which can cause our bodies and mind to become overwhelmed. When incorporating corporate on-site therapeutic massage into your workplace on a regular basis it can be a very powerful tool to restore employee's balance to their body, encouraging mental relaxation, work production, stress and pain relief. 

Chair massage can be provided for Corporate Business, Health Fairs / Wellness Events, Trade Shows, Bridal Parties, Sporting Events and Movie Sets.  All events will be customized to suit your specific needs. 

Benefits Of Onsite Chair Massage:


Chair massage in the office on a regular basis increases productivity, morale and employee efficiency. It saves time, money and helps people feel better which motivates them to make other lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. This translates into less employee down time on and off the job, fewer sick days and worker’s compensation claims. It will not disrupt the workday as it takes only 10-20 minutes. It is convenient and results are immediate!


Chair Massage will reduce your employees tension and stiffness while lowering their anxiety and stress, thereby enhancing creative thinking and problem solving skills.  Your employees will return to work feeling more relaxed yet energized and at their best to meet the daily challenges ahead.  Not only is it safe, but extremely effective!


$60.00/hr. (minimum of 2 hours required)


10 minutes:  $10.00

15 minutes:  $15.00

20 minutes:  $20.00

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