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1on1 Kundalini Yoga Experience

                                 Randall's 1/1 Kundalini Yoga Experience (Private One on One) Class

Kundalini Yoga Is a traditional yoga practice that focus on meditation, physical exercise, breathing techniques and mantra(chanting).Kundalini yoga helps you to awaken the power of the individual and to experience the infinite and fulfill one's goals.

 This Kundalini Yoga is a private class for students that prefer have a one and one experience. You'll learn the basics and the fundamentals of the practice of Kundalini step by step. You'll learn to be you, by leaving the ego behind.  In Kundalini yoga its the science of awareness- awareness of the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Body. Unlike like Hatha yoga which focus on the physical form. Ky focuses on Self awareness of the Soul. The only challenge is Keeping up so you can be Kept Up-Yogi Bhajan!

Each class will start of by tuning in to

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo-this the Adi Mantra of Bowing to the the wisdom within, Bowing to the teacher within and Bowing to all the teacher who have come before. From their we often can go into many different directions-but we start in 

Breat/Pranayama-this can last up to 3-11 minutes

Warm Ups-to help activate the bodies core/navel point

Kriya-More then 7000 types

Relaxation-normally guided

Meditation of self discovery-3-31 Minutes 

Long Time Sun -this chant is song twice-one for the self and the next time for others-

Long Sat Nam(Truth is my Identity)

Finish-last words of the day and possible conversion and feed back what the student goals are!


What you will learn from this traditional experience is the Basic of Kundalini Yoga. Each session will teach you  about  Tuning in to the Adi Mantra of Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, Pranayama (Breath)Work, Kriya's(Asana's) Relaxation, Meditation and finally Long Time Sun to end the class

 Your experience will be you will gain a experience  will be Bountiful, Beautiful and Blissful.

                                                                                                Sat Nam!


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